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    My Diabetes Story

    I was diagnosed with Type II in June of 2009. As I think back, I can recognize some of the symptoms starting back in February. I'd lost 45 pounds and was still losing a pound every couple of days. In December, after months of exercising several hours a day, eating very few carbs and still seeing my BG hovering in the 250-300 range, friends from the online community suggested it was time to see an Endo.

    Come to find out, I had been misdiagnosed and after having a GAD-65 Antibody test come back positive (VERY positive) I was correctly diagnosed with LADA (Latent Autoimmune Diabetic Adult.)I've been on insulin since January and started pumping with my pretty pink Ping pump in April of 2010. I'm still learning, still trying, still eating, testing, bolusing, working out, bolusing, sleeping and start all over again

    I've enjoyed reading the blogs and stories that others have shared here. It's really been helpful to me to remember that I'm not alone in this and there are people further along this journey that are paving the way. .calling back to me, "hey, come this way." Thanks for navigating the tough spots and keeping me out of the ditches as we travel on together.

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