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    My Diabetes Story

    My weight of 165 lbs about 3 weeks before my diagnosis as a type 2 diabetic dropped rapidly to 145 lbs. I got very scared, so I begged Dr. Adelto Adan, a cardiologist at Mid-Michigan Medical Center and our family physician, to check me out right away.

    My diagnosis fasting blood sugar level was 468 mg/dl. Dr. Adan told me that my sugar reading was unusually high so I had to take diabetes pills ASAP. I requested him to let me try something else because my next door neighbor who was diagnosed a type 2 diabetic ahead of me had been having hypo problems due to his diabetes pills. He said that he would allow me to use exercise as my only diabetes medication provided that I pass first a stress test.

    As soon as I was done with my stress test, I started running our stairs in the house for a total of no less than 2 hours/day, divided into 4 sessions of 30 minutes each, 1 before each of my 3 full meals and 1 before bed. In less than 2 weeks of this routine, my blood sugar readings were already in the normal range.

    I reported my progress to Dr. Adan and he encouraged me to continue doing what I had been doing and to report to him any unexpected negative change in my health.

    For more than 16 years now (I was diagnosed in July 1991), I have been getting normal bs readings with exercise as my only type 2 diabetes medication. My A1c in December 2006 was 5.4%. My previous A1c's were mostly in the range between 5.3% to 6.3%.

    In about 3 months after my diagnosis, I decided to reduce my exercise time from 30 minutes/session to 20 minutes/session. I thought that I was overdoing my exercise routine because I kept on losing weight. At one time, I weighed only 135 lbs (my height is 5'7") and I felt more comfortable being no less than 138 lbs. At present, my weight changes between 137 lbs to 143 lbs.

    Definitely, exercise has made me healthier, stronger, younger-looking, and happier.

    I have been living like I have no diabetes. I do not limit my intake of heart-healthy foods (mostly carbohydrates), nor do I take into consideration their glycemic index. I find carbs to be easy for my digestive system to handle. Sure, they cause sugar spikes but because of the use of exercise as my only diabetes medication, these spikes drop down to normal level as fast as they go up. I believe that these fast sugar swings (sugar highs become short-lived and temporary) are harmless to my health.


    Bonny C Damocles

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