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  •  I found some sit and be fit videos online that might be fun to try.     - Here is one to Hawaiian music     - here is an office stretch Office stretches for if you are sitting ... more
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  • Exciting research results released yesteray about this new means of treating leg ulcers and probably serious burns.  Need to check it out if you are curious.  I consider it revoluntionary. Find it in your search engine.  ... more
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  • Do they til exist and how can I have them to be deliver to me if they do?  I joined dLife years ago and never received them even though I requested it.  I have tried to sign up for them through the site but it tells me to open ... more
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  • I had a pop up that said it was a national survey of Dlife where you could win prizes for participation.  This is  scam right?   Sally
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  • I know there use to be one and I know somone who would benefit from it.  Sure hope there still is one. Sally
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  • There are federally funded medical clinics across the country that work on a sliding scale billing working with the amount you make.  They often have dental clinics also that give discounts.  Go to ... more
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  • I read a while back in AARP magazine that two hundred generics were going to be approved this year to replace some brand name brandes.  It is amazing.  I do get an email report from the government agency that releases these ... more
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  • I have a site that I want to share about RX discount cards that alot of states have to provide you help with your prescriptions.  I am in Arizona and here income doesn't matter and it is open to all residents of this state.  ... more
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  • I was watching dLife tv last night and Benna talked a little about the new app and all the things it can do.  But I missed it where to download it.  I know a lot of people have been looking forwards to an app.   Sally
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  • Today I didn't feel well and tested this evening to find out my glucose was at 257.  It was definitely a reality test.  For the last two months I have been really struggling to find self control.  Normally it isn't that ... more
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  • We talk to an interesting doctor that has some very interesting treatments for different conditions.  Today we learned about a treatment for toe nail fungus and a natural antibiotic.  It is actually usually recommended by Vets ... more
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  • I think most of dLife is so wonderful and I love it very much.  But we are having a very serious problem with many having extreme difficulties logging on and posting to the forums.  Some have left the forums and some are ... more
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  • If you are low income and getting assistance you can apply for the following government service that will provide a cell phone with 250 minutes free.  I mention this because I believe that diabetics need a phone if they can't ... more
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  • I never expected the high quality of the show.  It seem to have only lasted five minutes because it is so interesting and so professionally put together.  We have it set to record every week now. If I had only one word to ... more
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  • Myu mate and I have periodic heart testing.  Last week it was my mate's turn.  So I spent some time in the little waiting room while those tests were run.  I learned a long time ago that there is a lot of diabetics that ... more
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  • We often have people with diabetes come on dLife that have problems cooking low cost and nutrional meals.  This site provides recipes with more basic recipes that would not only help the lower income but anybody living on a shoe ... more
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  • I am just passing some information along that might help some diabetics get a discount on their meds.  This site gives directions to go to various state sites to get state pharmaceutical discount cards.  I am in Arizona and I ... more
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  • I always noted that dLife would not commit to any one way of nutrition and diabetic control.  So I was just killing time yesterday and looked up diabetic diabetes and there is a site that for "DLife" backed program that costs $20 a ... more
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  • I read the American Diabetes magazine called "Diabetes Forecast" and they posted a new brief in their March magazine that might be very helpful to those of us dealing with diabetes receive some new services from Medicare.  The news ... more
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