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    This group was formed for those that are not only battling thier Blood Glucose but Depression at the same time.
    Here you can vent your frustrations, celebrate breakthrus and just support the members when they need a friend!
    No judging of each other, this is a place where you can unload, and get some support from people who know where you are coming from!

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      Last Post By: Julia

      Howdy all, I noticed that it had been 2mos since anyone posted and I had to chuckle and think "Everyone's too darned depressed to post" but then I thought, well maybe this site has helped so much that you are all out there getting the best out o... more


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      Last Post By: Rye

      Hello my name is Rynita. I have always suffered from depression. I was diagnosed as a diabetic about 4 years ago. I use to be sad about having diabetes when I was first diagnosed with type 2. I thought ok I can beat this and when I did everything the... more

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