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    Welcome to the Fresh Starts group, the place to share your New Year’s resolutions for making more sensible food choices! We want you to share your triumphs, struggles, words of encouragement, and recipes so we can all stay on track with our resolutions this year.
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      What are some easy ways you add exercise into your day?

      (3 replies)

      Last Post By: patrick2

      A great exercise friend can help all of us to exercise. What about a friend who wants to walk all the time. Having a dog and taking the responsibility to walk the dog can do wonders. It does become a 24/7 activity. Feel free to read my most recen... more

      Spring clean your resolutions!

      (0 replies)

      Last Post By: Holly Rodiger

      Finally, the last week of March! How are you doing on your resolutions? Might it be time for some resolution spring-cleaning? Let us know the progress you have made in 3 months and how you plan to jump start your goals so you can spring ahead this y... more

      All-time favorite comfort food recipes

      (0 replies)

      Last Post By: Holly Rodiger

      Although spring is trying is peek through, winter continues to hang on and we are craving comfort food! Now is the time to wow us with your all-time favorite comfort food recipes! Upload a video, picture, or recipe of what you and your family love... more

      Counting Carbs: Yay or Nay?

      (0 replies)

      Last Post By: Holly Rodiger

      We all are well versed in the anti-carbohydrate craze by now, but we want to know your opinion! Do you live your life by carb counts, or do you try to steer clear of calculating the hidden dangers in every ounce of bread that you consume?... more

      Dinner Date: Staying sensible while eating out

      (0 replies)

      Last Post By: Holly Rodiger

      While dining out is a fun treat, it can be hard to make smart eating choices when offered a huge range of options. From the appetizer to the dessert menu, and anywhere in-between, how do you stay sensible while eating out?... more

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