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    Join us here at "Get Fit!" if you're a dLifer trying to exercise regularly. Share tips, advice, and motivation strategies!

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      Workout Ideas or Suggestions

      (2 replies)

      Last Post By: secondchances

      Walking is a great exercise and all it requires is a good pair of shoes. sounds like a great way to start the New Year!... more

      Newbie introductions

      (5 replies)

      Last Post By: juneelise49

      Hi I'm new to this site and i found out I'm in real danger of heart desease and diabetes so for me that really scares me due to the fact it killed my mother also depression it is a real killer so Iv'e been going to the gym and doing water streches an... more


      (6 replies)

      Last Post By: Temi

      Now thanks to Diane, I am reading the book First year Type 2 Diabetes by Gretchen Becker. So many insights things none of my doctors have ever told me let alone clue me in. So in due process, I started taking stock of what I was actually doing to hav... more

      Charcot Foot and Exercise

      (5 replies)

      Last Post By: Ana

      Dear Anna: Thank you for your encouragement, would send me an invite to be friends? My characters in my profile box are not working properly and that's why I can not send you an invite from my side. Take care, Anaisabel... more

      Online Food Journal

      (1 reply)

      Last Post By: Wilkes

      Thanks for sharing. I'm gonna check this out!... more

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