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WHIP TYPE 1DIABETIC Whip,My husband was an auto mechanic for years, and with his disbility on top of that he has really trashed his back. He did the last injury to it while at work. Lots of pain at... 433 Replies
Welcome to the dLife Community! I am also new here. Been a diabetic since 2001 but it took this long for kidneys and heart to start falling apart, but what the hey! Everything that happens to you in life is an... 26 Replies
WHIP TYPE 1DIABETIC Pattifeel bad for your husband, understand ,,my husband was a carpenter/plumber all his life ...horsed his back ..many days of pain ..epideral , chiropractor...still bothers... 433 Replies
WHIP TYPE 1DIABETIC Whip,I feel bad for my husband when his back bothers him from doing things like the lawn, but he won't let me do it, so there isn't much i can do for him. We just slow down a... 433 Replies
WHIP TYPE 1DIABETIC Pattilike your husband, gardening kills my back..sorry for him.been picnicing too much, its hard to be good.what a wet day..almost depressing..enjoy your. Sundaywhip 433 Replies
The People who save our lives! Do you know how an X-ray is taken? Do you know how to become a physiotherapist? Are you aware of the skills needed for a person to be in the operation theater? Tune into... 0 Replies
Diabetes can make you eat more? It can take a few days to adjust to a new medication Mary. Did your doctor tell you what to expect with the new med? Feel better soon! ~Lynn @Glucerna 6 Replies
Diabetes can make you eat more? Thank you Furball...someone else on another forum told me the same thing. I know about negative feedback mechanisms so this makes a lot of sense. This one is based on the body... 6 Replies
WHIP TYPE 1DIABETIC Whip,I sure hope the increase in your husbands snythroid does the trick, i meant to tell you that yesterday, but some how missed it.I'm glad you enjoyed roar on the shore. We... 433 Replies
having men problems I have found one online solution for your problem. Buy Kamagra oral jelly to cure your sexual problems. Its really very effective drug also it gives long lasting erections. 13 Replies
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