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WHIP TYPE 1DIABETIC Whip,Good luck with your picks this week. Hope the trick of picking all home teams work, if that's what you decide to do.I'm doing the cooking today, too, but just for 4. Baked... 538 Replies
new here help me out here... I have never 'done' a forum before, mostly because I can't figure how ... the tutorial was not a help...the image was too small to see, and the narrator... 0 Replies
WHIP TYPE 1DIABETIC Pattii might pick all home teams ans see itpf it gets me anywhere.... Need some thing to change..cookin tomorrow. Been preparing all, baking,, fun fun,... 538 Replies
Very Angry but mostly my own fault Steroids can really shoot an a1c up and we know about food. There are lots of good food we can eat that helps our bg. Carbs turn to sugar its a given. The meter will... 1 Replies
Scabies and diabetes? As you can tell this website is dead. Now if your numbers are high that is the first thing to work on. Does not sound good to have what you described. High numbers can... 1 Replies
WHIP TYPE 1DIABETIC Whip,My daughter is doing good, thank you. No more bleeding. Also the swelling that she was having is gone, now that she isn't working any more. We are counting the days until... 538 Replies
JDRF TypeOneNation South Region summit near Nashville! The JDRF chapters in the south region are hosting a TypeOneNation summit on January 10-11th, 2015, at the Franklin Marriott Cool Springs in Franklin, TN (20 minutes south of... 0 Replies
WHIP TYPE 1DIABETIC Patti. Hows the daughter doing? Any more bleeding? Feeling ok? Getting so lost one or two to leader this week..rats...The crust is my favorite part of pie,... 538 Replies
My name is bsf I'm diabetic ........................ My name is bsf I'm diabetic ........................ and I love the web I spent most of my time in front of a computer screen for more friends so that there is friendly here. 0 Replies
Scabies and diabetes? Has anyone struggled getting rid of scabies because of their diabetes and if you were able top get rid of the scabies, what treatment worked?I've had scabies for 2 or 3 years.... 1 Replies
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