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WHIP TYPE 1DIABETIC Whip,Yes, grandchildren are busy and they definitely wear a person out. It's tough having her here all the time, but i do enjoy it, too. I don't want to sound like I'm... 585 Replies
WHIP TYPE 1DIABETIC Patti yes grandchildren are busy busy busy. After they leave im exhausted. Even after a couple hours...Im anxious to rty the pens with half units. May go to pharmacy today...i... 585 Replies
Checkin In I hope that some of you remember me. I had posted on dLife forum for a very long time. I can't make excuses for my absent. But to be honest, I have been distracted about... 0 Replies
WHIP TYPE 1DIABETIC Whip,yes the little one brings much joy and a bit of stress into the house It's been a long time since I had to deal with a baby on a full time bases.I'm glad you like who you... 585 Replies
WHIP TYPE 1DIABETIC Pattinice to hear little one doing good and growing.. i bet she brings you much JOY.went to Metablic disease center today. i had an appontment ..i like my girl...learned some... 585 Replies
WHIP TYPE 1DIABETIC Whip,So sorry to hear that your doctor won't okay the daibetic shoes. I do understand how you feel. It's the same for me when I go to mine when i don't feel good and they tell... 585 Replies
WHIP TYPE 1DIABETIC Pattii understand about the dr.. I want diabetic shoes. My dr sais i dont have neouropathy so dont need. I want to tell her. Just get diabetes and the fear of a foot cut or... 585 Replies
WHIP TYPE 1DIABETIC Whip,The cough is almost gone, just mornings and nights now. The doctor just keeps telling me because I'm not running a fever and my sugars aren't running high that it's just a... 585 Replies
Please check out my new blog: DAMNYOU!Diabetes Sorry dude this is a dead site your wasting your time. 1 Replies
causes of type 2 diabetes I think you are wasting your time, no one here and no one wants to read threads like this. 1 Replies
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