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Diabetes can make you eat more? I'm glad you're not having the discomfort this morning, Mary, and losing 1 pound has to feel like things are moving in a positive direction. Perhaps the next time you meet with... 12 Replies
Hello Hello De,Welcome to D-life. I'm so sorry to here about the loss of your brother. Stress and emotions can do terrible things to ur numbers. I'm so glad to read you are so... 1 Replies
WHIP TYPE 1DIABETIC Whip,It sure does feel like fall. Like you I am enjoying the cooler temps, but not all the rain. Oh well, guess we can't have it all, can we?I hope you had a good time at the... 439 Replies
Infection: Can't Get Below 180 I am really embarrassed as I can't get my blood sugar to go below 180. My Nurse Practitioner acts like its what I'm eating and I'm hardly eating anything. Almost no carbs except... 0 Replies
Diabetes can make you eat more? Well I lost a pound over night but again I won't truly accept it until it's been a week. I am well aware of all the flucuation my weight does during a week. :) My "official"... 12 Replies
Diabetes can make you eat more? It's difficult to make a decision about a new medication right away, especially when you like to research each new med. I can see how it gets confusing at the doctor's office.... 12 Replies
WHIP TYPE 1DIABETIC Pattihappy fall. Wow , although i love it, not the did great at the picnic...great discipline. Great numbers..going to horse track tomorrow...husband likes to play the... 439 Replies
Diabetes can make you eat more? Hi Glucerna! As I have done some research myself I do realize that Starlix is a different class of drug. The thing I am confused about is originally the doctor gave me a... 12 Replies
Diabetes can make you eat more? I'm glad to hear your blood sugar levels are coming down, and that you're not as hungry as you were before Mary. Glimepiride is a class of medications known as sulfonylureas,... 12 Replies
Hello Hello,I am a Type 2 Diabetic. I was diagnosied 21 years ago at the age of 22. I have had ups and downs with my diabetes but all in all I have not had too many problems... 1 Replies
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