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New member - dazed and confused Hello! My name is Pam, 53, and insulin-dependent since hospitalization for pancreatitis a year ago May. I'm in the process of deciding to get a pump, weighing pros and cons,... 0 Replies
WHIP TYPE 1DIABETIC Pattihooe all is going better with your bathroom. Sounds like yóu will love it when its excited for you with your new granddaughter coming soon...sounds like your... 459 Replies
WHIP TYPE 1DIABETIC Whip,The hassles with my bathroom were expected. We have an older home, so when we remodel these things happen. I'm really looking forward to having the new light/fan... 459 Replies
WHIP TYPE 1DIABETIC Pattisorry so much hassle with your bathroom. Sound snormal though. Let me know how you husband likes the tub...when can you use it? I want new exhaust fan light in our... 459 Replies
WHIP TYPE 1DIABETIC Whip,So glad you got back safely and the bike is fixed. That sure was a lot of miles to go to get it done.No i didn't make it to erie county this week. I hope she is open next... 459 Replies
New Member My name is Linda and I became a diabetic about 4 years after my kidney transplant. The medicines are rough and apparently it isn't too unusual for this to happen. My... 0 Replies
WHIP TYPE 1DIABETIC Patti..we got back 1:00 this was 1000 mile trip...glad to be home. Got our bike fixed and tried it out today..seems aok.did you make it to erie county.?how us the... 459 Replies
Hi everyone I am Angela. I'm a girl (so sorry if I mispell away) who loves reading really much.I love to read, knit and relax. This is the first time I subscribe to a forumLooking forward... 0 Replies
Invokana? I'm on Invokana, but I haven't been on it for very long. It has already helped. 2 Replies
Invokana? I know a few on it but not on this forum its pretty dead here. 2 Replies
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