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Prediabetic newly diagnosed ....need some help?
2 years ago  ::  Feb 05, 2013 - 9:58AM #7
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Your sugars are in normal range but you're A1c is concerning.  An A1c of 6.0 means your average blood sugar is 136. 

A lot of labs say an A1c below 6.0 is normal.  But most research studies show a typical non-diabetic A1c is between 3.5 - 5.5.

So with a 6.0 A1c some doctors would diagnose you with pre-diabetes.  About half of those who have pre-diabetes develop Type 2 later. 

Pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes means your pancreas makes insulin but your body isn't good at using it.  So anything you can do to require less insulin or make your body more sensitive to it will help. 

You're smart to work out, especially walking and swimming tend to make insulin more effective. 

Eating fewer carbohydrates is another good way to have lower blood sugars.  Some people do Atkins or South Beach type diets.  Others just try to limit high carb foods.  Your body converts all carbs to glucose... it doesn't care if the carbs are from a hot fudge sundae, cauliflower or a potato.  So a lot of pre-diabetics are advised to eat no more than 30-50g of carb a day.  Any improvements you can make will help.

If you are thirsty a lot, urinate more often, need a dramatic prescription change in your eye glasses, or start losing weight unexpectedly, make sure to see your doctor.  Those are common symptoms of diabetes. 

2 years ago  ::  Nov 15, 2012 - 2:16PM #6
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Nov 12, 2012 -- 8:06AM, debrinski wrote:

I'm confused.  Dr sent me for a A1C after having a physical and my sugar was 106.  Results came back 6.0 and my sugar was 88.  Any thoughts.  I am overweight but have started exercising and eating better.  


It shows  to me   you have an issue,   how fast you get    your diet and exercise program will   tell how  well you can control this.    It just means your at the beginning of a diabetic journey.     Some would say hey those are great numbers,   they are not horrible but  if you do not change now you will do  much more changing later down the road. 

2 years ago  ::  Nov 12, 2012 - 5:05PM #5
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Hi,Debrinski. see if this helps. 

The following lab values are the American Diabetes Association (ADA) practice guidelines for the diagnosis of prediabetes diagnosis:

  • A fasting plasma glucose value between 100 to 125 mg/dl (5.56 - 6.94 mmol/l) or more (indicating impaired fasting glucose).
  • An oral glucose tolerance test plasma glucose value between 140 to 199 mg/dl (7.78 - 11.06 mmol/l) at 2 hours post-glucose load (indicating impaired glucose tolerance).
  • An A1C range of 5.7 - 6.4%.

The ADA recommends that men and women age 45 and older, especially those that areoverweight (i.e., BMI of 25 or higher), be screened for prediabetes. Screening should also be considered in individuals younger than 45 if they are overweight and have one or more additional risk factors.

If testing is positive for prediabetes, a follow up test should be performed on a subsequent day to confirm the diagnosis. People with diagnosed prediabetes should receive regular retesting every one to two years to monitor for type 2 diabetes. Individuals with a normal screening result can be retested every three years.

Are you over weight? Loosing  10 pounds and doing some exercise like walking daily can help keep you in good shape in delaying the onset. Nancy

2 years ago  ::  Nov 12, 2012 - 8:06AM #4
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I'm confused.  Dr sent me for a A1C after having a physical and my sugar was 106.  Results came back 6.0 and my sugar was 88.  Any thoughts.  I am overweight but have started exercising and eating better.  


3 years ago  ::  Mar 09, 2012 - 2:06AM #3
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Mar 5, 2012 -- 5:39PM, dee1 wrote:

And for the most part ive been eating very well but can you eat the foods you like as long as you stay in the carb range 

Hi dee,

Welcome to the dLIfe family!  Yes, you can eat the foods you love, but don't use your carb amount to determine if you are on the right track.  Use your glucose monitor.  At 2 hours after the first bite of a meal, your glucose level should be less than 180 mg/dl for good control and less than 140 gm/dl for tight control.  If your level runs higher, cut back on the carb portion of that meal.  If your number is within your range, feel free to enjoy that meal again.


Janis Roszler, MSFT, RD, CDE, LD/N
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3 years ago  ::  Mar 07, 2012 - 9:15PM #2
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Depends on if you want to be a type 2 soon,   this is my opinion and I am sure others will disagree.    To many frickin carbs,   carbs turn to sugar and were avoiding highh bs.     I eat from 3 to 5 carb foods a day total and I still need insulin as a type 2,     why people are told to eat that many carbs is beyond me. I have been a type 2 for 28 yrs  and it amazes me that they still push this many carbs.     My advice is to avoid as many carbs as you can,   you will see lower numbers and you might stave off type 2 for a very long time.   If you are not exercising you need to,  walking is a great tool.   Its not about eating the same things  you used to,   look at all the packages and see how many carb grams you are eating.     If you need to lose weight it helps many,   well I have said my piece for what its worth good luck. 

3 years ago  ::  Mar 05, 2012 - 5:39PM #1
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Hi everyone glad to have found this place and happy to be here. I had a question i was newly diagnosed as being prediabetic after a physical my numbers were 122 for a fasting glucose. I know the cutoff is 126 so im trying to be careful what i eat for obvious reasons. I was told to have between 10-12 carbs a day. My question is i was told to have for example 3 carbs for breakfast say, 3 carbs for lunch and dinner too, and then 1 carb for 2 snacks. Tonite for my snack i want to have 1 cup of lo fat lo carb icecream which would equal 42 carbs so i ask can i have my snack that way and it be icecream as long as i stay within my carb range for the day? And for the most part ive been eating very well but can you eat the foods you like as long as you stay in the carb range 
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