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2 years ago  ::  Oct 11, 2012 - 3:10PM #6
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It sounds like you have made a good beginning.  Portion control on the old favorites and some adjustments on what those are can be the real key to controlling things.  And if you want some new or reworked recipes - there are a bunch of them here on dlife.

2 years ago  ::  Oct 09, 2012 - 10:18PM #5
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Thanks Sawyer, I am doing better now.  The shock is over and I am feeling better.  My blood sugars are down now to under 120 ish two hours after breakfast and lunch, dinner is usually around 140 ish because I eat a little more.  I would like to get my morning fasting numbers constantly below 100 but have only had two mornings of those so far.  They are still around 105.  Breakfast and lunch don't seem to raise it at all.  I will get this figured out eventually and hopefully with continued weight loss they will stay down.  I was so overwhelmed in the beginning it was all I could think about.  I couldn't concentrate at work and was forgetting things at home.  I was stressed to the max.  Now that my numbers have started to come down and things are becoming more routine it has been easier.  Plus I am figuring out what my regular meals that I cook at home does to my BS and it isn't bad so it's not like I need all new recipes.  Whew!

2 years ago  ::  Oct 08, 2012 - 10:22PM #4
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You're right!! It is hard and overwhelming.  I was in denial for several years.  This summer a surgeon told my husband and 3 boys to tell me goodbye as I wasn't expected to make it thru surgery.....after 45 days in a hospital (18 of those sedated and in intensive care) I got out and had a second chance at life.  Having experienced a miracle I can no longer deny the attention my health needs.  Armed with many people praying for me, I am now experiencing great blood sugar numbers (they were over 1,000 in the hospital).  Pancreitus, a stomach that was rotting due to the insulin being poured into it, on kidney dialysis, and cholesterol (tri) soaring at 3,500.  I am on insulin but twice the endocronologist has lowered it.  There is hopeSmile.  I am having to learn to like exercising.  The food is being pretty easy as I have to check my bloodsugars 4 times a day.  I would love to encourage you!!!!


2 years ago  ::  Sep 20, 2012 - 7:41PM #3
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hello, how are you, how you doing, welcome. You asked how we do this forever. It is your life. Your lifestyle. Please understand than in someways your life has changed forever. But it is not over. it simply has changed. Now there are things which you have to do, but many of them become habits. As you know habits are hard to break  these must be almost impossible. 

But, we go thru changes all the time. different stores, different food, different jobs, different home. think of it another change, a really big one, but just another change. you'll make it 


2 years ago  ::  Sep 20, 2012 - 12:30PM #2
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I do understand how you can feel overwhelmed by it right now because you are just newly diagnosed.  I remember when I was and at that time I was obsessing on all the things that I couldn't have *at least in my own mind* and failed to see the bigger picture.  IT is a wake up call to take care of our health the best we can for sure.  But the things that we need to do are the identical things that all people should be doing to stay their maximum health.  It is a matter of one day at a time and educating yourself as much as you can about all areas of diabetes and you have came to the right place.  The site is full of all sorts of information and to get full affect of it you need to go exploring.  We will all have our good days and our bad days, our successes and times that aren't as much, and we are going to be fine.  I do believe that you can have a long and healthy life with diabetes.  There are many people on dLife that are doing better than me but I am determined never to give up.

One day at a time is the secret and education will get you there.


2 years ago  ::  Sep 19, 2012 - 9:14PM #1
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Hello everyone,

I was just diagnosed this last week with type two diabetes and I am feeling very overwhelmed! I guess I am still in shock.  I am taking my meds and testing my blood sugar and eating better but it all just seems to be so much all at once.  How do you all continue to do this forever?

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