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New routine/new diet/new numbers
2 years ago  ::  Oct 16, 2012 - 2:59PM #4
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 That hypoglycemic feeling is certainly one of the worst! When you eat carbohydrate your blood glucose will go up and as the saying goes....what goes up must come down...However this does not necessarily mean a true hypoglycemic attack. (This is where a meter is important. - How high is the number getting? and how much is it dropping? and how fast? ) Your body will react to a rapid drop in glucose as though it is hypoglycemic. That end number may never actually go below 70. The body wants homeostasis. For example....If it is used to functioning on a BG of 140 then 97might feel uncomfortable. That feeling of hypoglycemia whether it is actual or not is your body's way of telling you it is out of balance. When you take sugar tablets you are setting yourself up to repeat this up/down cycle multiple times a day. It's pretty taxing on the body and the immune system. I have to agree with every one else's advice on getting a glucometer. You need to know the numbers you are working with and how the foods you choose to eat are effecting those numbers.

2 years ago  ::  Oct 11, 2012 - 3:25PM #3
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A little sympathy, BUT there is now way you are going to gain decent (let alone good) control without a meter and regular testing regimen.

2 years ago  ::  Oct 10, 2012 - 8:59AM #2
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I do not hear you mention about a meter.   If your not testing how can you tell what is going on.         It sounds like your consuming carbs,   blood sugar goes up,  the body then releases  to much insulin and you crash.   You then eat more carbs and the whole  thing starts all over again. 

2 years ago  ::  Oct 05, 2012 - 7:09AM #1
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Alright, so as some may have read in a previous post, I stopped drinking for a month to see if my numbers would drop. I also started a metabolic training routine as well as changes some of my eating patterns to deal with the hypoglycemia (Which I still don't quite get).

I celebrated with some alcohol only to find that my body didn't like the alcohol. A few days later I had another beer (1 total) and I was done. I don't know why. Anyways, I got my numbers from my doctor. My H1ac dropped from 7.7 to 7.0 and my fasting BG went from 160ish to 135 (Still need to get lower). Doctor says it's the diet and exercise and that my vacation and drinking was likely the cause of the spike.

Right now I'm happy to see those numbers drop as well as my liver function numbers dropping into the normal levels, something I was worried about. While I have something to be happy about, there's always something that's dragging me down a bit.

First, I've got this nasty cold that just won't go away. Saw my muscle/bone doctor (Not sure what the official name is) and he prescribed some cold meds, pain killers and antibiotics. The reason for this combination is as follows: Cold meds, for the cold (Duh!), pain killers for shin splints (Hitting the gym in bare feet did a number on my legs) and antibiotics just in case the fever/cold is more an infection in my leg (Which hurts, but that could be the shin splints). Being in Japan, none of these meds are strong, wish I had some stronger stuff. Antibiotics are fine, I'm not a big fan of taking them unless necessary.

Then comes the hypoglycemia. According to my doctor, without doing any real testing (As in none) says that I'm likely among the few that will see an increase in BG only to have a major drop and become hypoglycemic. I mention this because I had an episode last weekend. Here's how it went...and let me start by saying that this isn't how my daily diet usually looks:

Breakfast: Meal replacement shake with milk, very good, healthy, protein fat and carbs.
Snack: Meal replacement bar (Japanese, made of soy, 400 calories total, mostly carbs) Usually I have half of these before each wedding I do to ward off attacks.
Lunch: NOT THE USUAL...hamburger steak, potatoes, rice, soup. I refill on the white rice. Keep in mind these are Japanese sized portions. Still, not what I normally eat but I went out with co-workers as we had about 3 hours to kill.
After lunch: 1st afternoon wedding was feeling a bit sickish. Before second wedding I took 6 grams of carbs in the form of sugar tablets made from grapes. As the wedding went on I took 1 more 3 gram tablet. By the end of the 15 minute wedding I was barely able to stand and holding myself up by the podium. I could feel every ounce of energy flow from my body to my brain and mouth.
After that wedding I was feeling better. I'm guess something flushed sugar into my body to keep me from passing out. Not sure of the mechanism.
Break time: Had a protein shake with some complex/simple carbs. Felt fine the rest of the day.

That's sucks.

I've got a long LONG weekend of weddings, Saturday to Wednesday. With a cold and no appetite, I'm not sure how well I'll do. Gonna make sure the right people know what kind of shape I'm in just in case.

So yeah...good and bad...and all I can really think about is the bad...damn
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