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Ideal Glucose Meter
2 years ago  ::  Dec 02, 2012 - 2:05PM #2
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I'm rather surprised no one's responded to this already. In any case, I'm type 1 as well, and just received my CGM (Dexcom G4 Platinum) on Friday. I'm not certain about other brands or models, but with the Dexcom G4, you have to take 2 finger sticks 2 hours after you get it installed (it takes time to warm up apparently), and then the meter will remind you every 12 hours after that. So far, the farthest off the CGM has been compared to the finger stick is about ~20 (105 on the CGM, 126 on the meter). Most of them have been a difference of 10 or less. As far as how to calibrate it, the meter has an option to enter the BG level from your meter, and it takes care of it from there. Just select the BG level and the time the fingerstick was done (it does need to be within 5 minutes of doing it; no going back and fudging with numbers).

The transmitter being in my stomach hasn't bothered me in the slightest, except for it being a little itchy. I have mine placed just diagonally above my hip bone by about 2-3". Inserting it was about as painful as a normal insulin shot.

The CGM is vastly more convenient, and less painful than other meters I've used. Between only having to stab your fingers twice a day (you can do it more often if you're concerned about calibrating, or whether the numbers are off. In fact, they reccommend you still use a finger stick before delivering any insulin to confirm the numbers), and the CGM is smaller than the other meters I've used that keep track of carbs and insulin like it does. The Dexcom G4 actually comes with a very nice belt case for it.

Hope this helps!


2 years ago  ::  Oct 12, 2012 - 2:30AM #1
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Hi everyone, 

I'm type 1 and not very experienced. I'm hoping to get some help identifying a good, accurate, user friendly meter and (possibly painless) please. I realise there are many threads going on and I have read up on many of them and many different meters also. But to pick out an ideal glucose meter, I'm hoping to draw from other people's opinions in terms of user experience. Any input from your personal experience would be greatly appreciated!! 

I lead an active lifestyle, spending most of my days outdoor, and have always found the fingerprick method to be cumbersome, even though I know that it gives more accurate readings compared to CGMs. Still, I'm quite interested in trying one of the CGMs because it seems more convenient. A part of me is still hesitant since I have heard of the numerous problems concerning calibrations, the readings being off for many hours before the sensor gets calibrated, and reading variations from one sensor to another. 

I'm worried about the inaccurate readings in the first couple of hours when you install a new sensor and the constant calibrations that would follow.
- How do I know when would be best to calibrate my sensor to not botch all my future readings? 
- How do I accurately calibrate it, because the blood reading you would take to calibrate is ahead of the CGM reading from interstitial fluid, right? 
- Also is it painful to have a meter lodged on the abdomen?
- Did anyone have any experience with better A1C using one method over the other? 
- I also heard that how your CGM readings correspond to your blood readings depends on where the CGM is placed, has anyone observed this? 

Most importantly, 
- Considering these problems, for those who have had experience with both the fingerprick method and CGM, do you find the CGM to be easier to use?
- Which is your ideal meter, any meter, CGM or not CMG, and why?
- Or just for fun, any ideal dream/fantasy meter?  

Many thanks in advance for any input!!
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