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Going crazy with numbers
2 years ago  ::  Nov 15, 2012 - 11:25PM #4
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They will only give monitors to those on insulin. I've asked why and the answer is simply that's the way the healthcare system works. No preventative measures are in place. Most Japanese diabetics have it in their genetics. Their parents and grandparents are/were, so they will likely be as well. There is not a big weight problem in Japan.

I don't have it in my family. My grandmother has diabetes, that's it. She's almost 90 years old and still lives alone. Strong lady.

I am keeping a food journal now. I use for that. I was guesstimating before the summer and doing well. After, I was underestimating way too much. This month will be different, I hope.

2 years ago  ::  Nov 15, 2012 - 7:32PM #3
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May I ask , do they not use meters? Would a food journal help make you aware of what you are eating? Focusing on what we are doing during the end of the year is hard with everything going on around us. Yet we need to follow our path. Nancy

2 years ago  ::  Nov 15, 2012 - 6:33AM #2
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This has got to be, by far, one of the most honest postings I've seen in a long while.  My only advice is to stay the course.  One thing for sure is that Diabetes management is constant and the upside is that you are aware of the roller coaster and what needs to happen to get the numbers leveled.  Continue to enjoy your journeys and do the best you can under the amazing circumstances.Laughing

2 years ago  ::  Nov 14, 2012 - 2:56AM #1
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After my trip to Thailand in August, I shot up to 1a1c 7.7 from a low 6. Doctor thought it was lack of exercise for the entire month and the total amount of food I was eating compared to normal. He suggested a new test a month later. After a month, back at the gym, off the alcohol and snacks, I dropped to a 7.2 and, for me, an all time low for fasting BG of 135.

The plan was to continue...unfortunately, October wasn't a good month. Stress at work, at home...but mostly at work and I wasn't eating the way I should. I was hitting the gym a lot harder. My wife had a birthday and I ate cake (I avoid sugar because of a skin allergy). I also had some rough days where I needed beer, popcorn and a movie to chill out.

Still, at the gym I switched things, made things harder on the body with cardio and resistance training. There was progression all through Sep and Oct. Not only that, but just today (Before heading out to get tested) I put on a jacket that I bought 4 years ago, a jacket I haven't been able to button up even when I purchased it, and now I can button it up no problem. I've dropped weight, I've added a good amount of lean mass, espcially in my back and legs.

So I was surprised when I saw my h1ac spike to 7.9 today and a fasting BG of 200. I went over in my mind some of what I did wrong throughout the month, and I saw a lot of wrong in the diet...but as a powerlifter, I would have imagined those calories being burned by the trainning...since I was always doing more on days I didn't eat right. I guess not...

Doctor still thinks it's all diet and I just need to stay focused. In Japan, December and January are the worst months for diabetics, the doctor noted. There's a tradition that you celebrate the end of the year with different circles of friends and co-workers. Last year I had 10 parties in 30 days of December and 6 to celebrate the New Year in January. He says this is when he normally sees spikes.

I'm going to avoid as much as I can. Being around crap food and alcohol makes me want to partake. And I can't do it 'just a little', I'm going at the pace everyone else is at. I also don't want people to know I'm diabetic. There's very little sympathy for any disease in this country, regardless of what it is...unless it's immediatly life-threatening.

This month I'm going to go crazy keeping track of calories in, making sure they are good calories. Gonna work harder at the gym and do some more around the house to stay active.

I really need a BG meter... that's a vent...if you have any advice, I'm all ears.
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