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2 years ago  ::  Dec 11, 2012 - 10:22AM #4
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The IBG Star seems cool but I can't get info in online forums from anyone using it.  Seems kind of weird because diabetics are quick to get tech stuff that's helpful.  I'm wondering if it's hard to get strips or if they're not covered by insurance.

I'm a fan of the Glooko cable.  You test on your normal meter (I like One Touch Ultra Minis because they're accurate, small and cool colors) then use the Glooko cable to download results to your iPhone.  It only works for Apple products and is about $40.


2 years ago  ::  Dec 11, 2012 - 5:58AM #3
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i have a crap ton of meters LOL 

I'm a martial artist so there's one in my gym bag, another in the dojang incase I forget mine, one in my car, in my purse, I'm a student so there's one in my backpack, another in my bag for work, one in the livingroom and one by the bed LOL 

i use a one touch ultra because that's the one who's strips my insurance gives the best rate on. You might want to look into this. I'm not big on the whole app thing for my BGs but that's just me, i know some others love them. It can be nice to have the features that show you a graphed trend. 

bayer has a new meter that my insulin pump supply company is giving away for free so whatta ya know another meter! LOL 

some use more blood some use less but hoenstly a finger stick is a finger stick, it's not like the meter using less blood means the blood it doesnt use goes back in my finger! LOL none of them use THAT much (like the ones at the hospital that seem to require a cookie to recover from!!) 

most modern meters dont require coding so that's also more or less a non issue. 

welcome to the world of fun gadgets!

2 years ago  ::  Dec 10, 2012 - 7:34AM #2
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The trick with meters (all of them) is to take them to the lab with you when you have blood work done. Do a quick test and then compare the result to the lab result. Do this a few times and you will see how accurate and consistent your meter is. The industry standard is +/- 20%, but since I do this with my Freestyle Lite I know that it is always no more than 5% high. Each individual meter (even those of the same brand) are different. Once you find one that works well, hand on to it!


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2 years ago  ::  Dec 09, 2012 - 3:50PM #1
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Has anybody used this meter? IF so, what are you thoughts on it? Seems pretty handy since its small and you can connect it to the Iphone.

Thoughts anybody?

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