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Thank you for the information. There have been a few nights this week that my fiance had to buy dinner while on the road because he got called out for work before I could make dinner. He stopped at subway and ordered a six inch sub, had them take out most of the bread, ordered chicken or turkey, and had them put half the amount of cheese, lots of veggies, and very light on the dressing. That is a big step for him considering he would normally get a foot long with double meat no veggies and heavy dressing. He has also switched to sugar-free soda and only drinking 1 or 2 a week compared to what he used to drink which would be a case of dr. pepper every 2 days.

He grumbles a bit but he is getting used to it. Within a weeks time his sugar level is a little more than half from when he started on his medication and me reducing his food intake and everything else. When he was first diagnosed his sugar level was 244, it is now between 110 and 132. He knows he can never eat what he used to: McDonalds, Sonic, etc., and he still grumbles about the veggies, he says he feels like a rabbit. However, he says he is feeling better. Along with the diabetes he was also diagnosed with a lazy thyroid and has to be on synthroid the rest of his life. I have noticed a tremendous change in him in just this short time. He isn't feeling as tired as he used to, his skin color is better, he has lost some weight as well as myself (yippieeeeeeeee) and he isn't as exhausted as he was.

I know we have a long way to go yet and a lot to learn about this disease. So much is different from when my father was first diagnosed more than 25 years ago. Again, thank you for the information and I will look for those books.

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There's a really good book that will give you a great overview of diabetes management.  It's by Riva Greenberg and is called "50 Diabetes Myths That Can Ruin Your Life; And the 50 Diabetes Truths That Can Save It."

Insulin's job is to transport the carbohydrates we eat into our cells to give them energy.  From a blood sugar perspecitive, your body doesn't care if the carbs come from a plain baked potato or from a brownie. 

Type 2 diabetes means the body is making lots of insulin but is not sensitive to it.  So most type 2 diabetics try to limit the number of carbs they eat.  Ideally a low carb diet (meals of 30g of carb or less and snacks of 15g of carb or less) require little insulin and help blood sugars regulate.  It can be hard to eat low carb, but any improvements will help.

Diabetes educators and nutritionist recommend non-starchy vegetables because they're healthy and they tend to have few carbohydrates.  But you have to find the foods that work for your fiance and his lifestyle. 

Some of the worst offenders for me are fast food, potatoes, regular soda, juice, cereal (except Cheerios or oatmeal), pasta (except for the high protein kind), pancakes with syrup.   Low carb foods don't raise my blood sugar at all, like eggs, meat, cheese, beef jerky, sugar free jello. 

The best thing to do is to come up with some possible meal options.  Fajitas with 2 small corn tortillas (or low carb tortillas) might be a good choice.  Have your fiance test his blood sugar before eating and then 2 hours after eating.  That post meal number should be back in a good range.  If it's not, then you may need to cut the carbs in the meal.  There's another great book you can get for $8 at WalMart or any bookstore called "The Calorie King Guide to Fat, Calories & Carbohydrates" that will help you look up carb amounts.  You can also use smartphone apps like the Calorie King one or Lose It! to get carb amounts. 

Exercise makes a body more sensitive to insulin, so that's why doctors recommend a person with diabetes be active.  If your fiance can exercise a lot, he can eat more carbs and still have decent blood sugars. 

Hope that helps.


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I am new to dLife. I joined because my fiance was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Since I do all the cooking and food planning and making sure he takes his medication when he is supposed to as well as keep all the records of his blood sugar levels, I figured it would be best for me to join. I showed him this site and he has found some recipes he wants to try which is a good thing. At first he was in denial and took the news of his condition not so seriously. My father had diabetes and died a few years ago because of it. My mother had very low blood sugar but turned around to diabetes a year before she died of cardiac arrest. I lost my second husband almost 12 years ago to pulmonary embolisms and I told my fiance that I refuse to lose him. So to support him, I am eating what he eats as I could stand to lose weight and be healthy as well to reduce the risk of diabetes since it runs in my family.

I have found some wonderful recipes on here that we are going to try. My one struggle with my fiance is he does not like vegatables. I am not sure how to include them in his meals and get him to eat them other than a salad with his meals. I am also a little confused about starchy foods and how these are good to have as a diabetic. I want to make sure that I am cooking the right foods for him to be able to manage his diabetes.

He is a truck driver in the oil field and his work schedule is on call 24/7 so I never know when he will be called out. Before he was diagnosed, there were many times he had to skip dinner because he had to go to work or he would only eat one meal a day. He does not have the ability to heat up meals that I can send with him and I don't want him to have to rely on buying food at convenience stores. So far he is on oral medications and with me reducing the amount of food he eats, him eliminating his sugary drinks, and watching every thing I prepare, his blood sugar level is coming down. So I must be doing something right.

I have many challenges to make sure that he gets this under control, him not liking vegatables, his work schedule, his sleep schedule, getting him active, and many others. I just want to make sure that between him and me that we can control this and we both can live a long healthy life together. We are getting married in May of this year and I am hoping we both are a few sizes smaller as well as healthier when we say I DO!

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The best way to manage diabetes is to find what works for you. 

Low carb is the ideal diabetes diet. 

Dr. Richard Bernstein is a physician who has had type 1 diabetes for 60+ years and he has a great book called Diabetes Solution that shares statistical evidence that low carb is the way to go.


Diane Kress has clinical evidence of low carb being a good solution for managing diabetes in her book Metabolism Miracle.  She's a dietician and Certified Diabetes Educator who has type 2 diabetes.  As an alternative to buying her book, I'd recommend getting her cookbook, which offers an overview of why she began recommending low carb diets to her patients and it also has recipes.


2 years ago  ::  Jan 07, 2013 - 1:11PM #2
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Sorry that it has taken so long to be welcome to our groups.  I can understand your frustrations very much.  You definitely aren't alone with this at all.  I know in our REAL lives it can be harder to find another diabetic willing or educated enough to be of help but there are many here that can help you and this site is a gold mine.

I wonder if the educator told you about how many units of carbs you can have a day?  Carbs are also in fruit, and vegetables but usually in small amounts.  You will learn to find out about portions and trades and all sorts of little details about diabetes.  I am glad that you have been diagnosed pre diabetes instead of full blown diabetes.  There is a good chance that you can control it with diet and excercise, anyways a lot do well when they do those things.

Come to any forum that you feel comfortable with.  I personally like the type 2 clubhouse.  It is usually more active than the others.  They have so much collective information and experiences to share and basically you have to learn to live as a diabetic and this is the perfect place.

Don't forget to explore all the information that is available on dLife.  Use the tabs and have fun.  It really can be.  I have been here a few years and I continue to learn and I like connecting with others for encouragement when I am doing well or not so well.  No one is perfect and sometimes it is two steps forwards and one step back, but you will make progress.

I am not successful about dieting but there is a buddy group for weight loss on Type 2 clubhouse where everyone encourages each other.  You will like that very much I suspect.  Some of them have lost massive amounts of weight.  It takes time and dedication but it can be done.


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I was recently diagnosed in November after my annual physical and labs.  The doctor said nothing to me  during my physical or in previous years about diabetes or blood sugar levels.   I am overweight and have tried every diet to lose weight, but nothing works for me except low carb.  My doctor does not approve of low carb, so I haven't followed it for a long time.  A week after my labs I received a call from an office assistant informing me dr wanted me to meet with diabetes educator and be treated for diabetes.  i was shocked and went into a bit of depression.  i cried for a couple of days and decided I just had to deal with it.  Met with the diabetes educator and she said my numbers weren't quite diabetes yet but close.  Three months prior to my physical i broke my leg and was immobile and eating whatever I felt like and gained weight.  My A1C was 6.4 and my BG 103. Since I was new to this I had no idea what those numbers meant.  I was shown how to use the meter and log and given printed material about diet...eating lots of 'good' carbs, grains, beans, etc.  All of those make me gain weight!  I am frustrated and started Atkins Induction and have lost 21 lbs so far.  Labs again in 3 mos.  Feeling like I am alone in this!  Sorry for the long post.
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