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gluten free?
2 years ago  ::  Dec 29, 2012 - 3:34PM #3
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thanks for the input Alicia. I would be interested to hear how your husband does gluten free. My adult daughter was recently diagnosed with gluten intolerence and has had to go completely gluten free. It has had amazing results for her general health.

I don't have gluten intolerence. I always go by carb count and stay away from sugar free items-they tend to compensate by being very high in fat or other starchy items.

The difference in the insulin is apparently due to glycemic index of wheat products-which one source pointed out-GI of a slice of whole wheat bread is higher than a snickers bar.

I went more specifically wheat free than gluten free, and it wasn't really a hardship because I don't do much with baked goods because of BG surges.

I just didn't expect the series of lows. I certainly wasn't expecting extreme lows-BG of 47 after eating a gluten free donut-rolled in powdered sugar I might add. Since I made more than one donut, had another one the next day-down I went to 64. following day had one for a mid-afternoon snack, took no insulin to compensate and there was no increase in BG. Very odd.

I would just be curious to find out if it is just the difference between a donut made with wheat flour and one made with gluten free baking mix, or if the absence of gluten is having an extended effect on BG

2 years ago  ::  Dec 29, 2012 - 11:20AM #2
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gluten free is a great way of eating for most everyone because it eliminates a lot of "fast carbs" that our bodies really arent meant to be eating in the volumes we eat them. 

HOWEVER gluten free does not mean healthier. most gluten free products have a lot more sugar or fat added to make them taste more satisfying so be sure to read our labels. 

The best way to eat gluten free is so simply elimiate gluten sources, no do a lot of product swaps.. like "sugar free" items they are typically just swapping out one bad ingredient for another worse ingredient. 

we are going to try a gluten free fast in our household to see if it helps my husband's digestive issues. 

Should be interesting. 

2 years ago  ::  Dec 29, 2012 - 9:07AM #1
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after reading an article on going gluten free for Type 1 I decided to try it for a month. It's been 3 weeks. My BG is running consistantly lower, I don't have cravings which tend to cause binging, and although I haven't lost any weight, the bulge around the middle is slowly disappearing. I made gluten free donuts and after taking the appropriate amount of insulin crashed 2 hours later, so have had to adjust insulin to carb ratio. Only real drawback-gluten free bread is disgusting and I like an occasional sandwich. Any suggestions welcome
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