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True Confessions : Diabetics gone WILD
2 years ago  ::  Aug 16, 2013 - 12:24PM #8
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hello I am new to this site and i am a type II diagnosed two years ago.  This topic thread really caught my eye.  I thought I was the only one that did not always follow the rules

2 years ago  ::  Aug 15, 2013 - 6:58PM #7
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Zink 560 I can definitely relate to you and having type 1 your whole life can make things or well you just get ******* tired I it I often just eat with no insulin because my insulin is across the house or in the car and the. Forget if I have taken it or not I mean any successful diabetic I have met is honestly 100% focused on it has like 80 carbs a day I mean I'm a 20 year old male diabetic who loves working out but I love eating and sometimes have a many as 100 carbs a meal or sometimes more
2 years ago  ::  Jun 06, 2013 - 9:35PM #6
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I peeked into this today and realized how horrible we are as diabetics and our actions or inactions can be very destructive to us.  It is interesting that we were so willing to share it too.  Guess this is time to mend our evil ways.  Seriously, we can really hurt ourselves.


2 years ago  ::  Jun 05, 2013 - 9:06PM #5
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Worst habbits? hmmm... how about.. Taking shots of novolog thru my pants into the thigh, guessing how much insulin to take (too lazy to test BS and taking insulin anyways), smoking weed then eating ~200 grams of carbs in one sitting, forgetting to have candy on hand for when I have a low (or eating the candy just because I'm hungry and there is no other food arround). Yeah thats about it.

2 years ago  ::  Feb 12, 2013 - 11:47AM #4
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My worst diabetes habit since being on the pump has been using the manual dosing.  Sometimes, I just don't feel like testing.  So.....I say I think I feel insuling.  I feel kind of sick....let's take a flat amount.  No rhyme or reason to it.  Just a flat amount and usually ends up being too much.  Then, I can't understand why my body feels like I am on a roller coaster all the time.  DUH!


2 years ago  ::  Jan 08, 2013 - 12:21PM #3
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When I did shots I never took short acting insulin to cover a snack or correct a blood sugar below 200.

Now with a pump my biggest confession would be that I'm lazy about changing my pump infusion site.  I usually let the pump run down to zero units, but then at that point it's often not convenient to change it.  So it may be a few hours until I'm back on insulin. 

And I've definitely done the middle of the night... I feel high but am too tired to test/bolus and then rolled over and went back to sleep. =)


2 years ago  ::  Dec 31, 2012 - 12:43PM #2
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I hiope your email was directed to all diabetics.  I do self destructive things.  The one that I haven't been consistent with is using my humulog before I eat when the number seems so well before.  Of course it goes up because of it.  Just think I am somehow in denial that I need those before meals shots.  I don't know why I am rebelling.  Injections really don't hurt and it only takes a minute or two to fill my syringe.

You do have my sympathy about your insominia.  My mate very rarely gets a real night sleep.  I often wake up several times during the night.



2 years ago  ::  Dec 30, 2012 - 7:33PM #1
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OK let's get reeeeal honest! 
This isnt a question for you Diabetes poster boys
Take off your "I'm the new spokesperson for novo nordisk" mask
What is your worst diabetes habit?

What?! you dont use an alcohol swab EVERY time you prick your finger?! OH COME ON!!! you gotta do better than that!!!!


I've wrestled with insomnia for as long as I can remember.
Sometimes I KNOW I'm fall on my face sleepy because my blood sugar's high, usually around the 180 mark, maybe a lil higher.. but instead of correcting I go to bed and enjoy that insanely deep sleep that comes from a sugar bogged brain.

NO GUILT TRIPPING ANYONE ON THIS ONE!!! we're all human, we all ocassionaly do things we know range from not good to just plain stupid. Only when we are open and honest with our own weakness can we ever hope to trully care about others.  

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