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Glucose Levels falling while cooking most...
2 years ago  ::  Jan 15, 2013 - 5:12PM #3
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This happens when I am baking and cooking.  The good thing is you know about it so you can try and prevent the low.  I try to keep an eye out for my headache and then inability to do math. Then I know I could be going low.   Good luck
2 years ago  ::  Jan 15, 2013 - 4:09PM #2
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Three questions: how much protein is included in your lunch on days this happens? What are you eating for your snack at 4 pm (and how much later than that are you cooking dinner?) And last, what kind or kinds of insulin are you taking? A late afternoon low is not unusual with some varieties of insulin, and usually that is why the afternoon snack is recommended. If you are not having enough protein at lunch or not including protein in your snack, you can still fall low. Insulins have different peak times as well, so you need to track backwards to what time you are taking your insulin to find a common denominator. If you are taking short-acting insulin WITH your lunch, is it on a sliding scale so that you don't take as much if you are in control at that time? Lots more questions than answers I'm afraid, but this can be resolved by either adjusting down a short term shot taken at lunch or bumping up your protein levels. "Small snack" should include at least a little protein, which protects you against these lows. Hope you resolve the issue!

2 years ago  ::  Jan 06, 2013 - 11:48AM #1
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Hi, Everyone!  Most of the time when I cook dinner, my glucose levels fall.  I don't get it???  I check my glucose levels, do insulin, and eat lunch around 1PM.  I have a small snack around 4PM.  And then start cooking dinner.  Halfway through cooking or near the end of cooking my glucose levels are anywhere from 78 to 55 mg/dl.   Does anyone one know why this happens or what I can do to prevent it?  I've even taken the precautions of checking while cooking meals.  Sometime I find them being sneaky, while other times they are behaving.  Does this happen to anyone else??
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