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So I'm stepping up my workout and health regimens. 
I've used supplements both for general health and diabetes health for the last couple years.
I take fish oil (combats cardiac issues, reduces stroke risk, and has good fatty acids essential for brain health, all of which combat potential increased risk factors for we diabetics) I take Vitamin B, Folate and  the ocasional vitamin C and zinc for illness prevention. 

I have taken cinnamon for a couple years and have noticed that it does apeer to improve my glucose control. NOT that I can eat a snickers without impact, but I was able to increase my sensativity factor after a week or so taking cinnamon. (I take caplets because I cant eat cinnamon it makes my mouth and throat swell but I dont have any issues with the caplets)

I recently started using Chlorogenic acid (found commonly in green coffee bean) I have had CRAZY amazing results with these!!! day ONE i took one before breakfast, ate a normal breakfast bolusing as normal and a normal lunch bolusing as normal (for me normal meals are 45 carbs, no refined sugars). My BGs on an average day would go 100 before breakfast, 130 after, 110 before lunch 130 after.. 
With the supplement it went like this 100 before 120 after  100 before lunch 82 after!!!!! (not numbers this round just making it simple for the sake of internet)
the next day I reduced my insulin coverage at lunch by HALF and my blood sugar  and my post lunch was only 10 higher than my pre lunch! 

Now that said this stuff does have caffein so be careful. I'm SUPER caffein sensative and havent noticed  any related effects at all, but I also dont take it in the afternoon or evening just to be safe.
I'm also exercising more which could explain the difference (however my intense workouts actually make my blood sugar increase)  BUT here's what makes me think it's the supplement.

Chlorogenic acid is supposed to work my inhibiting the uptake of glucose . And that is what it seems to be doing. my basals have not dropped only my post meal levels have dropped. more to the point I need less insulin to cover the same carbs. 

Again I am NOT saying to use these, just sharing my experience for others to compare or share. None of these has been approved by the FDA and if you are going to try a supplement PLEASE be careful!!! do your homework, investigate what actual ingredients are in the product, here it comes frm and what oversights are in place witht he manufacturer.  and report them to your doctor!!! supplements ARE DRUGS, they can have unexpected interactions with other medications or therapies so when someone asks what you're taking THESE ALSO GET LISTED. and know how much you're taking too. 

Have you used supplements? Any results to report?
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