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Introduce myself
2 years ago  ::  Apr 17, 2013 - 11:04AM #2
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Hello Loraine,  Your very interesting and congratulations on your achievements and goals.  You definitely have came a long way and a good example of what can be accomplished.  I remember when I was first told I would have to use insulin.  It was scary to me but after the first few times I was comfortable with it.  Just wished someone told me the proper way to do it.  My poor abdomen was covered with bruising.  Found someone that could teach me in my private life.  I wish the doctors would help more with that instruction.  I had been sent to a class to learn proper lessons for taking care of my diet right after I was diagnosed so I do know how to do it.  I have problems implementing it though.


You will be a wonderful addition to our forums.  Consider posting on the type 2 clubhouse ok?


2 years ago  ::  Apr 15, 2013 - 11:08AM #1
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Hi everyone, I am so happy to begin to finally be signed up on the dLife diabetes community!  I was diagnosed with diabetes around 15 years ago after I had septic shock because of a miscairrage.  It was a horrible time for me and my family did not think I was going to live through it.  I had been in a coma for a week and finally had recovered.  I was weak and frail so I decided to eat whatever I wanted. I never really had a good diet (I used to eat a lot of fast food and cakes growing up).  So off I was eating and eating.  I then went to the doctor and they had discovered I had diabetes.  I was horrified!  It had been in my family with my fathers sister having type 1 and my father with type 2.  I started on metformin and continued my ways.  Might I mention here that no one EVER told me to visit a nutritionist or dietitian to advise me on how to manage this.  Like I said I continued my ways.  Fastforward 10 years later, still had not seen a nutritionist or dietitian, my doctor told me I was headed for insulin.  I was even more horrified and scared!  I didn't want to be on insulin.  I would also like to mention that I was speaking with my father and telling him he needed to get eat better and exercise.  I got off the phone and at that minute I had my AHH moment.  I though, what am I doing, I am preaching to him about his health and I am not even taking care of mine!  So I went to see the doctor again, she put me on Ongylza along with metformin and within 6 months I lost 50 pounds.  I though my diabetes would go away, but nope still have it.  It is frustrating to have but I think at least I am alive and well.  Might I add as well that I have 1 kidney as well because of Wilm's tumor as a child.  After losing the weight and researching out myself what and how to eat, I decided that I wanted to go to school and become a nutritionist; so I did and I am in the process of getting my Bachelors in Health and Wellness because I feel that not only diabetes a nutrition disease it is also a holoistc disease as well.  My A1c is 5.4 and I feel pretty good about where I am headed.  I have also signed on to being a coach at Beachbody to help people achieve their goals and lose weight.  I do not that 1 day things will progress but for now I feel great.  I want to help others because I know just how it feels to have not had any guidance when being diagnosed.  This is truly my passion helping people with their diabetes. 

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