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It's a numbers game
2 years ago  ::  Apr 23, 2013 - 10:08PM #4
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Welcome Monica to dLife.  Sorry we all have the common condition of diabetes before we can meet.  I know it is really difficult to digest it all when you are first diagnosed.  What med are you on?  The first I had was metformin but that wasn't enough for me so the doctor added glipizide.  That worked for years for me watching my diet and everything.  When do you see your doctor again and do you have a class scheduled to learn how to count carbs and stuff?  I hope so.  You can learn so much from an educational class and they are often given at community clinics at a low price.

Your numbers definitely have shown some serious improvement with your med but you know you have a long way to go to get them down.  I know as you learn how to eat like a diabetic, and hopefully get some physical activity, those numbers will go down so much more.  Everything takes time to learn.  I know there is a plate method explained somewhere on dLife.  Maybe someone can find it for us.  It is a good starting point.  I believe it is a 9 1/2 inch dinner plate.  Half the plate is for an assortment of vegetables.  Try to have a variety of color.  One fourth of the plate is for your meat, and the other fourth is for your higher carbs, such as potatoes, pastas, sweet potato and etc.  You can have a small amount of fruit on the side and a cup of milk.  This is just for you until you work out your system with your healthcare professionals.

Before you know it you will be helping newcomers to dLife with all that you will learn.  I hope you will post often and let us know your progress.


2 years ago  ::  Apr 23, 2013 - 10:59AM #3
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moonbeam, there can be very real differences from which finger you draw your sample from and whether you have to "milk" your finger for the sample or not.  I have had variances of 18+ from finger to finger.  It has to do with how well circulated the blood is in that finger and from how deep in the tissues it has come from.  I think this is one of the factors that cause some medical professionals to question the value to daily monitoring for non-insulin using type 2 people.

I tend to use a couple of favorite fingers that I usually can get a sample from with very little problem.  I test three time per day when I am being diligent.  Lately I have been lazy!

Your numbers will start to come down with the meds but it sound like you may need to finetune your diet some more.  You don;t want to continue with levels in the 300's that is just too high.  you are shooting for under 126 before meals and a rise of only 36  2 hours after the meal.

Have you seen a registered dietician of diabetes educator?  Both are well worth your time and money.  I highly recommend it!

Take care,


2 years ago  ::  Apr 22, 2013 - 5:50PM #2
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It should not make any different. However if you have not clean your finger properly and the other finger you did will make a difference, sometimes what you clean you finger with will also. Did you change your lancet?  Have you taken up walking or something that helps at lot. 30 Minutes will do a lot for you!!!!

2 years ago  ::  Apr 22, 2013 - 12:04PM #1
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I was just diagnosed with Diabetes.  Before I went to the Dr. I had been monitoring my blood sugar levels on the advice of my Mom who's and RN and my best friend who is also an RN.  One day my blood sugar was spiking and I could feel it.  I was dizzy, vision was blurry and I felt like I was going to pass out.  I took my reading and it was 561!  Yes, it was that high.  I thought it had to be wrong, so I did it again in a different hand/finger and it was 527.  Usually my bs level runs in the mid to lower 300's (without medicine and before I went to the DR).  Now, I've only been on medicine for less than a week, and I'm not seeing any difference in my levels.

My question to you is, does it matter which hand/fingers I take my blood from?  I get a different reading in each hand.  Is that normal?

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