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Angry with Myself
8 months ago  ::  Jul 16, 2014 - 7:56PM #10
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We can blame ourselves but till you know why  your bg is high it will not change.  No need to blame but there is a need to change what  is causing the higher numbers. 

8 months ago  ::  Jul 10, 2014 - 3:03AM #9
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I'm angry with myself too. I hate having diabetes.
2 years ago  ::  Aug 05, 2013 - 5:47PM #8
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Sounds like a great plan!  Nancy13

2 years ago  ::  Aug 05, 2013 - 5:44PM #7
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Since my last post I have made some changes for the better.  I have gone back to writing down what I eat for every meal and have gone back to my 1200 calorie diet.  While I still go out to eat, I am making better choices.  I'm trying to keep myself moving thru out the day and not just sitting reading a book or on my computer. 

I have also made my appt with the doctor concerning my liver. 


I appreciate all the kind words of support.

2 years ago  ::  Aug 03, 2013 - 3:43PM #6
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I hope you check back for support and let us know how you are doing.Nancy13

2 years ago  ::  Aug 03, 2013 - 2:57PM #5
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So you know what worked, go back to doing it.   That is the easy part saying it,  doing it  is the hard part.      I wish you the best just get  back with what you were doing I am sure it will get better. 

2 years ago  ::  Aug 01, 2013 - 10:24AM #4
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Sorry I haven't had time to respond quicker.  I know how fear can get our imaginations going and we can think the worse.  Most of our fears never come to pass.  Just trust the doctors one at a time.  Specialists can have more information than another specialist.  After all they are specialists.


I heard the most interesting thing from a diabetic educator yesterday.  I hope that I can explain it.  I found out that high numbers on our numbers can put more sugar in our livers and interfer with the work of the liver and we can develop a fatty liver.  Some or all of it can be repaired by getting our numbers at a very good range again.  I never knew that high readings can cause triglycerides to rise.  My Hal's numbers are double of what normal should be with triglicerides and his pcp never told him or how to get them down.  The sugar can actually raise them.  We even have to be careful not to overindulge in fruit even.  I always thought it had to do with how much fat we had in our diet and that was it.  I am sure that plays into it to a certain degree, but just part of the picture.  Sugar and drinking alcohol can do the same damage to our livers.

I don't know if this helps you but I think it might.  I hope your readings aren't going from low to extremely high over the course of a day.  We need to get them consistent as much as possible.  This one I haven't figured out how to do but I know there are a lot of people that can give advice. 


2 years ago  ::  Jul 31, 2013 - 9:05AM #3
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Hi Nancy,

Thank you for your response.  I am feeling better today and restarted my regimen. 

I am dedicated to getting back on track and my goal right now is lose 20 - 30 pounds.

2 years ago  ::  Jul 31, 2013 - 5:43AM #2
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Sorry, this disease can be tough. stop beating yourself up. So today is a new day. can you still go tothe gym? improve your eating habits?Get support,join a support group. the fact you came here is a first step. Start one meal,one snack, at a time. One step,walking at a time. So today is the first day to the rest of your life. peace to you,try meditation also. Nancy 13

2 years ago  ::  Jul 30, 2013 - 3:20PM #1
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It's been a very long time since I have been on here.  I just got my results from my latest A1C test.  It was 6.8 (was 7.1).  I'm ok with that, although I have been as low as 5.5.  My issue right now seems to be my triglycerides and my liver enzymes.  Back in April, my endo took me off of Trilipix due to slightly elevated liver enzymes.  Well since my last blood work it has gone up again as well as my tri's. 

She now wants me to see a specialist about my liver.  It could be just a fatty liver or something worse and it's the something worse that is freaking me out.  The more I read about elevated enzyme levels the more scared I get in thinking something is seriously wrong as in fatal. 

The sad part about all of this is that the first 2 - 3 years after I was diagnosed I was in excellent control of all my numbers ( BS, A1C, cholesterol and tri's).  I religously went to the gym 4 days a week and watched what I ate.  My weight slowly came down.  At some point I just thought I have this under control so I let myself get out of control.  I have no one to blame but myself.

I know I am rambling but I am so pissed off with myself right now because of the damage I have done to myself.  I have a soon to be 4 year old son that I want to be around for.    

I just had to vent a little.  Thank you to anyone that reads this.
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