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Does Anyone Else Have Neuropathy and...
1 year ago  ::  Nov 18, 2013 - 11:43PM #9
Pastor Paul
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Tom - that is an excellent description, of an entire rose bush in the flesh! At times that is what it feels like! We all have varying degrees of neuropathy and pain, and we all need to find what works to alleviate that pain! As for me, it is a mixture of narcotics [something I hate using, and thanks to God have cut back from two 30mg doses a day to one, for about 25 months now], and other Rx's and OTC's aides! It also meant changing my daily schedule. I like to tell people that [because the pain is severe in the early-morning  hours] that I am permanently on the graveyard shift!

And while I do not like being able to get to sleep until 7 or 8 each morning, this graveyard shift is still better than the other side of the grass graveyard shift! I still have too much [a wonderful wife and an active, growing online ministry] to live for. While I believe that to die is to gain, I will, like Paul says (Phil. 1:21), right now, to live is Christ and all I am called to do!

Shalom to all of you who suffer from struggles of neuropathy. From those who know all too well it's many quirks and daily pain; you have a cyber shoulder to lean on and cry on too! Surprised 

1 year ago  ::  Oct 07, 2013 - 10:54PM #8
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Brother Paul I truly believe God has a door tot relieve the pain we go thru. We must seek until we find an answer & I believe  it's out there. YI will continue to search. As far as this being a thrown in our flesh, its more like the whole rose bush! No robe can understand  the suffering  we go thru the then the ones that actually go thru it. I will continue to pursue this until I can find relief  or until The Lord returns. I my prayers, Tom

1 year ago  ::  Oct 06, 2013 - 3:12AM #7
Pastor Paul
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First of all....Sally I feel so humbled by folks such as you! You are warm and loving, and it comes through in your words! In my second book, Thron Daze, I write about what you shared on Paul! I believe I have prayed and the thorns remain, and like Paul He continues to grant me the grace to move forward inspite of the struggles and pain!

For Tom, I would never judge you for the wine! After all I use morphine, and if it helps, then go for it! I used to stay awake until 5 each morning, but now it is more like 7 or 8 in the morning! The pain starts later, but last longer! Lucky for me my wife dosn't mind the strange sleeping pattern, and we are both on a lifetime "Graveyard" shift!  Laughing

Actually, Sally and others on this forum are also believers, and the ability to pray for each other is a sustaining thing! I have tons of wonderful folks lifting me up, and without the prayers, I do not know what my life would be like! May God bless you, and all I can say is, while the pain doesn't go away, the grace to cope grows more steady and without that grace people like us would be lost in more ways then one!

I do so look forward to the homecoming, and I know how I'll recognize that death has come for me because it will be the moment I no longer have pain throughout this frail body!

May God bless all of those on this forum....we may be few in numbers, but we are mighty in God!

1 year ago  ::  Oct 05, 2013 - 5:01PM #6
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Pastor Paul, first thing I want to say is that I am a born again Christian & love The Lord very much. I am also a type 1 diabetic & have been for 35yrs. For the past 6 yrs I have suffered with peripheral neuropathy in my feet. Many a night I spent walking around in my bedroom until 5 in the morning with the constant stabbing. I have been on Meds, acupuncture , laser treatments, etc. etc. now I am going to attempt hypnotherapy & see how that goes. But as for now the ONLY thing that allows me to sleep is 4 glasses of red wine. I know it's hard to tell a pastor that, but it's the only way I can get any sleep at all. I am looking for relief like anyone else but until then it's the wine. You will be in my prayers & let's hope a cure comes soon. brother in Christ, Tom

1 year ago  ::  Oct 03, 2013 - 2:03PM #5
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Thank you Pastor Paul for sharing your full story.  I am so sorry that this is a cross that you have to bear.  I remember that Apostle Paul had an affliction that he had to bear and he was able to accept it also.  The one thing I do hate about aging is I have more and more issues that cause pain too but they don't fit into your category.  I am so sad that this is your reality.

I do believe that the medication in your epiduros could have caused your diabetes.  Other meds can do the same thing; especially psychiatric meds.  I was on an antipsychotic for a long time and I developed diabetes.  There was a large action suit againest the manufacturer because there was no warning yet that diabetes could be a side effect.  I did not join the law suit but a woman I know did and she received $85,000.  I didn't sue because I don't think the manufacturer knew the information before it was put on the market and the med did work for the purpose that was prescribed.  There are other antipsychotics that can have the same effect.

I know that you are a faithful Christian and believe that for everything that happens there is a purpose; even when we can't see itl




1 year ago  ::  Oct 02, 2013 - 2:05AM #4
Pastor Paul
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To answer your question(s):

I have a good Neurologist, and she's been seeing me since the late 90s. The diagnosis for both conditions came from her and two other Neurologists, who saw me for a worker's comp condition. I suppose the fact that I had emergency surgery for a laminectomy in May 1991 has something to do with my increasing problems with pain. That surgery was for the L-2 through S-1, and I have bars and screws affixed to the spine!

The morphine is from my neurologist, along with the Gabapettin! I was once able to take larger doses of Gaba, but am limited to 3, 300 mg capsules a day because of my kidneys.

I am aware of the dangers of morphine, but it is the only source of relief I get from the neuropathy! It is prescribed by my Neurologist!

I do so appreciate your concerns, and believe me; I have the same ones! As for the Epidural injections, I had them for years, but they did not address the pain! In fact, it is believed that they may have been one reason for my coming down with Type 2 Diabetes! The same doctor who was elevated to national prominence with the Erin Brockovich case treated me for six years, and made the diagnosis of the steroid epidural injections weakening my pancreas and causing the diabetes! While this theory was laughable in the late 90s, it is now becoming more seriously considered as a link to  Type 2 diabetes! I had epidurals from 1986 [date of injury] through 1997. They were mandated by workers comp, as a pain therapy!

I've spent so much time in pain groups that one group counselor with my HMO, had me leading groups and speaking to groups toward the end of my seven years with them! Again, this was a worker's comp paid treatment!

I've pursued every avenue possible, thanks to cyber space; I am well versed in the subject of pain management! I should also point out that I was a vocational rehab counselor for several years, and my speciality, before being injured on the job was pain-related pain-related injuries and job development!

I do so appreciate all you and Nancy shared and asked, and only wish there was something new? I am starting to think that I am suffering from spinalstenosis, a common problem after spinal fusion. I will be returning to my orthopedist for re-evaluation of this possibility! Spinal stenosis does cause severe neuropathy in some cases, and fusions do cause a weakening of the spine above and below the fusion! I also have numerous places on the spine that are of critical concern to my doctors, but their only answer is more surgery, and I did not think the surgery in 1991 did all that much to end my pain! And I do not want another surgery, unless there is no other way to bring relief. With surgery comes scar tissue, and when they fuse your spine, the areas above and below the fusion breakdown  and cause problems' years later!

I have suffered with pain since 1987, and kind of gotten used to some of it, but it  been a long, painful journey! However, by the grace of Good have I been able to move forward, mentally and emotionally!  Undecided

May God richly bless you both! I do appreciate your thoughts; it's  that I've been there and done that!





1 year ago  ::  Oct 01, 2013 - 6:35PM #3
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Hi,Sally the suggestion of a pain clinic is a good one. I agree that is a lot of medication. Nancy13

1 year ago  ::  Oct 01, 2013 - 4:40PM #2
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Hi Pastor Paul.  I was wondering if the foot creams help and only use them sparingly?  I also wonder who gave you these two separate diagnoses?

Sometimes there is a piece missing of a puzzle and we have to find it for our doctors.  Do all of the joints in your body hurt and is it possible that one diagnosis could fit both conditions?  Have you seen a neurologist to have your nerves tested?  I hope so.

I don't have fibromyalgia but my son had bouts of it and I can't think of anything that can be more painful than that.  I am also curious who prescribed the morphine?  It is dangerous stuff and my husband Steven died of an accidental overdose of it.  Is it possible for you to go to a pain clinic for treatment of the pain?  Sometimes shots in the spine can alleviate a lot of different pains caused by different things.


I hope you have checked out the common and not so common side effects of your meds, and if you see if any of them are bad combinations together.

A pharmacist can help you with that.


I feel so badly for you.  I have been diagnosed with neuropathy for sure lately.  Sometimes I have some wicked pains but they come and go.  One thing that does help me is 600 mgs *Can get a script for it* and two 200 mgs of arithist tylenol.  Do you have any swelling in your feet?



1 year ago  ::  Sep 30, 2013 - 10:26PM #1
Pastor Paul
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I have this conundrum, and it is whenever my neuropathy gets to what I call A"Pain Storm" levels, my fibromyalgia kicks in full bore!

It's like the one needs the other to flare up so it too can flare up, and when they are both raging away, I am as miserable as can be! Even my morphine, gabapentin, Tylenol and Ativan have little effect on the "pain storms" when they blow in like an unwanted hurricane.

I use the foot creams sparingly, and they are my last resort for pain control, but I just spent a week on my back, sick to my stomach from pain and totally exhausted!

So, my question is, does any of you have similar symptoms? Or, am I some kind of freak of nature!!! Cool

Looking forward to your responses!

Pastor Paul          

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