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    My Diabetes Story


    My story start with an injury that occured at the end of 2009. i injured my shoulder while playing with our puppy. At first the doctor thought i had just pulled a muscle, so we went with that treatment. As time went on I lost a lot of movement in my shoulder. So, off i went for an MRI and PT. After going to PT for a few weeks i went to see a surgeon who diagnosed me with a frozen shoulder and a torn rotator cuff. Back to PT for a month, not much movement gained, so in April of 2010 I had surgery to unfreeze the shoulder. Back to PT for the next 2 months. While i gained full movement in my shoulder the rotator cuff didn't heal, so in July it was back in for repair of the rotator cuff. After 2 weeks in a sling i was back in PT. the shoulder was healing really well, i was really happy.

    then in October while at PT i wasn't feeling to well, so afterward i stopped at a priority care that was next door. The doctor diagnosed me with a sinus infection and bronchitis, gave me some antibiotics that he said might be hard on my stomach. that was on a Monday. By wednesday i was having tummy issues, but felt it was just the antibiotic causing it. All I knew for sure was i felt really sick. All I was doing was sleeping. i didn't feel hungry and when i forced myself to eat i got sick. Early Friday morning (4am), i got out of bed to go to the bathroom. i knew i was disturbing my hubby and my shoulder was hurting so i decided to head into a different room to sleep in a chair. Well, i passed out before i got to the chair. This is when we decided i needed to go to the ER, so off we went. I'll be really honest, i don't remember much of Friday or Saturday at the hospital, except for the ER doctor asking me how long i had been a diabetic, and me answering that i wasn't. Then him telling me, oh yes you are, your Blood Glucous read is 550. From then until Saturday morning things are quite hazy. i don't remember much but sleeping for those two days. i do remember being tested every hour to see what my BG were, but that's about it. Finally by Saturday morning my bg was down quite a bit and they had gotten my electrolites straightened out so i was fully consious. Seems, my electrolites were way to low and that was also causing me to want to sleep.

    Anyway, i was in the hospital until the following Friday when they released me to come home. insulin and meter in hand, here i am.

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