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    My Diabetes Story

    I was diagnosed with type 1 on feb. 14th 2009. i left with my unit dec. 1st 2008 to start preparing for the iraq. we were set to be south of baghdad,iraq by the end of april 2009. i started feeling real bad around the first of feb, and finally went to get checked out on the 14th. they called the ems and told me i might have diabetes. when i got to the civilian hospital my sugar was 792, and when they got the results my A1C was 16.5, so they put me in icu. when i went into the hopital they weighed me i had lost 22 lbs, i went from 140 to 118, and now i curently weigh 160. they started my shots right away. they had me on four shots a day, novolog with each meal 13u,and lantus at night i take for every 8 grams of carb's on unit of novolog then depending on my blood sugar i determine the amount i need,and i also now take metformin,so instead of taking 40u of lantus i take 30u. i will admit i was scared and still am, i also get this have no family history at all. they now have me at ft, gordon,ga goin to all these appts. and stuff, and i also am having to fight to try and stay in, but i dont think i am goin to have much of a choice, i am to young to be retired form the military or to draw a check, and it makes me so mad. there is not a day that goes by that i ask myself why, like why do i get to sit back and possibly get to go home, when my unit inches their way into harms way. why does this happen to me and i dont bother anybody, ive always wanted to be in the military since i was 5, and when i turned 17 i begged my mom, and now it went down the drain. i have no family in the military just my sisters husbands, but my older sis. is in but shes getting out. but if you want to know more just feel free to ask.

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