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    What do you have to declare? During American Diabetes Month, dLife ENCOURAGES you to share it. The simple act of sharing “out loud” your self-defeating habits empowers you to address them and work through them.

    Join our Community Group and make YOUR diabetes declaration!

    Upload your video declaration or post your declaration by following the instructions below: 

    To upload a video:

    1. Click the video tab along the left hand side (under the profile picture). 
    2. Click "upload video".
    3. Select Public Gallery. Click "add from my computer" button and select file to upload.
    4. Once you've selected the file, click "start upload" button.
    5. Once upload is complete, name your file and be sure to click the "finish" button!

    To post your declaration:

    1. Look for the recent messages tab below. 
    2. Click on "Post your declaration here!"
    3. Click reply and post!

    Recent Messages

      What do you declare?

      (0 replies)

      Last Post By: Erin

      It's American Diabetes Month! It's a great time to reassess your diabetes management and to think about what changes you need to make. What do you declare you will do this year to improve your diabetes management?Erin... more

      Post your declaration here!

      (20 replies)

      Last Post By: Melynda

      To Lilmamlb: re post of Nov. 14. I wanted to tell you your post really touched me. I am 39 and have had similar problems for the past 2 years. Major BS swings, neuropathy, mood swings, weight gain. I thought I had a great Dr., but he kept telling... more

      Video "Confessionals"

      (0 replies)

      Last Post By: fordmartin

      Checking out the awesome "declarations" (or as I like to call them, true confessions) in the video section of this group. Take a look!Declare and Share Videos You can also upload your own. I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of great entries this m... more

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