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3 years ago  ::  Nov 29, 2011 - 1:35PM #21
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To Lilmamlb: re post of Nov. 14.  I wanted to tell you your post really touched me.  I am 39 and have had similar problems for the past 2 years.  Major BS swings, neuropathy, mood swings, weight gain.  I thought I had a great Dr., but he kept telling me it's just age.  I happened to run into a fellow diabetic in an airport one day who was taking a shot.  We got to talking and he recommended a dr. near my home.  MIRACLE!  The dr. put me on a hormone called amylin.  It comes in a pen form called Symlin.  It blocks the liver from making sugar and helps your feel full so you don't eat as much and keeps your body from absorbing carbs quickly.  That was a start, but I still wasn't feeling better.  My BS's starting coming down a little.  What really got me on the right track was a  book a friend recommended.  Dr. Esseltyn.  His book Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease is wonderful.  In the book he recommends a diabetes specialist, Dr. Barnard.  They believe that a plant-based diet can reverse many health problems.  I've been following a plant-based diet for 2 months and have lost 10 lbs, my joints no longer ache from Lupus, and my BS's are slowly becoming normal.  I know your problems are a little different than mine, but I was so miserable I was willing to try anything.  I'm so glad I did.  I hope this helps you out.  Melynda

3 years ago  ::  Nov 25, 2011 - 9:09PM #20
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To lilmamalb, re: your post of Nov. 14.  My suggestion is to investigate glyconutrients and real food technology, which impact the body at the cellular level and can help your body return to normalcy.  For specific info, go to the website   Under "Real Products,"  click on "Integrative Health."    If you have questions you can contact me at   These patented technologies have chnaged my life, and I have an ethical obligation to let others know that there is hope.    Best Wishes!


3 years ago  ::  Nov 16, 2011 - 7:59PM #19
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the biggest thing I stive for having diabetes, is showing that just because you have diabetes doesn't mean you can't do something. I am currently serving in the Military, with the Army National Guard as a 88M (heavy vehicle operator). And am on Active duty orders with my state's Honor Guard Team, and I am the federally certified trainer in my region, to train Honor Guard Soldier's to conduct funerals. The main problem I run into is the stress that comes with being in the Honor Guard. Striving to be perfect, uniform always looking the best it can, and conducting myself as perfect as possible. Standing in one place till its our time to render honors. It can be very stressful, so I always strive to stay on top of my diabetes. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes while I was with my unit preparing for Baghdad, Iraq, at the age of 19. To make a long story short they tried to medical board me, I fought against it, and thanks to the good lord, I am still here alive with my family, and still serving. Since diagnosed I have strived to do as much as possible. In my personal opinion no one is going to tell me I can't do something just because i have diabetes. So my biggest thing living with diabetes is to get that message out to the world, especially to our children growing up with diabetes. Thats my goal in life, living with diabetes. But don't get me wrong a cure would be great, but like we say in the Military thats above my pay grade (lol). So I do the biggest thing I can do by showing the world that we can with diabetes. So far a couple of the biggest things that I have accomplished with diabetes would be running the Army ten-miler through washington D.C., I finished in a hour and half. Another would be graduating the 80 hour Honor Guard tab class, to become a federally certified instructor, after completing a prior 40 hour Honor Guard Course. But thats how I fight my diabetes, is to simply prove that we can, regardless of having diabetes.

3 years ago  ::  Nov 14, 2011 - 6:16PM #18
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I declare to do my best to follow goals without feeling defeated if I slip. Nothing's perfect; efforts count.

3 years ago  ::  Nov 14, 2011 - 2:22AM #17
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Reading your post feels like it's almost reading about myself.I'm 38,I was diagnosed with gestational in "97 while pregnant with my daughter.Two yrs before that I had pancreatitis which almost took my life,they also removed my galbladder.For yrs I stuggled between drs,I was told I had type 2 and later foundout I had type 1.By that time it had affected my body in many ways,I now have neuropathy,which has damaged my nerves in my legs and feet.It has also damaged my digestive system,especially as far as me having normal bowels.I can't seem to get anywhere with getting the proper care,where I live there's not many resources and my insurance won't even pay for Diabetic Education.Everyday I feel like I'm losing a fighting battle,if I can't get proper care what is there for me to do,I can only do so much.It's taken a toll on me financially,physicaly and mentaly,it's even interfeared in my family time.I'm on so many meds and always so tired or worn out,I can't even take my grandchildren for a walk.If I'm on my feet too long they swell and if I'm on concrete too long I have to worry about open sores on my feet(ulcer),I now have one that I've had since Aug. 20th.Tests have shown my pancreas produces no insulin,I have tremors and episodes of passing out and losing bodily fluids.They put me on siezure med but I don't have Epilepsy and now my insurance doesn't even ant to pay for that either.I'm glad I watched the Dlife show earlier,now maybe I can find some type of help or just someone to talk to.The gastrologist told me that me not being able to have a regular bowel movemant was due to the meds I'm on but last aug.I ended up going to the er by squad and I was nonresponsive,they then told me I had something like a heart attack of my colon and my thyroid failed.Since I've been put on the Vimpat(seizure med)I haven't had any episodes but they can't find what's causing the episodes.Wish I could find a good hospital or dr so I could get the proper help and care.Any suggestions I will more than welcome.

3 years ago  ::  Nov 07, 2011 - 4:49PM #16
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The last 28 years Type 1 diabetes has been a great motivator for me to stay healthy. I exercise, test 8+ times a day and try to eat well. But that is not enough so, as a Television Professional I have started The Diabetes Project - it keeps me motivated and it allows me to share my successes and failures with the only people who really understand - other people with diabetes! So check it out: and subscribe because new videos are uploaded regularly! There is also a small FB page where I invite you to share your trials and tribulations...and @diabetesproject on twitter.

So while this seems like a lot of self-promotion it is how I cope with the daunting task of controlling the beast that diabetes is!

3 years ago  ::  Nov 07, 2011 - 9:44AM #15
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I am a Type 1, diagnosed at 38.  I also am struggling with the late night eating, and I get self distructive, don't know why -once I start it makes me want to continue until I have completely blown mind knows this is bad, but I keep on going anyway.  I do everything else that I should  be doing to keep on track, but this is my guilty secret.  People always say, "oh you are so discliplined, etc." but I tell them I am should see me late at night.  I am hitting my ten year anniversary, last A1C was 6.9, but could be better, had some higher numbers in the last year.  I just get sick of myself, and guilty, and then it is a vicious circle of emotional and mindless eating! Help!

3 years ago  ::  Nov 07, 2011 - 12:38AM #14
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I am pretty sure I am a food addict, but I also have rheumatoid arthritis (got that before the diabetes) and I tend to eat in response to pain, but also I have been taking prednisone for years which makes my appetite crazy, ravenous.  I mostly crave carbs, but I also crave anything salty at night.  I've been trying to curb my cravings and appetite, but I'll indulge with banana bread or ice cream (or just about anything else I can get my hands on at night). I am taking a lot of insulin and I finally have an endocrinologist who knows what he's doing, and I have been seeing my blood sugars going down, down, down!! Now if I can just get off this prednisone and get the rheumatoid arthritis under control!

3 years ago  ::  Nov 06, 2011 - 8:50AM #13
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DeeRee1 I was Tired of feeling deprived. I was dreaming of food I could not eat!!! So Is tarted by redoing my recipes! Now I can eat them and feel much better. I make pies, cakes and brownies the diabetic way. No more fighting the sugar and food cravings. I make my own hand made dough for pizza. Having a small taste of something is better than being depressed about food all day and crying about it. Now I can eat what I choose and this diabetic thing will not defeat me. My A1C is good and my sugar tests very well so far so good. At night I do get lows but drink some juice and I am ok. Does anyone else feel so deprived about the foods they can't eat like me? I now enjoy food again. I have another condition that compicates what I can eat. So it is hard for me to eat everything that is good for me but not for my bad bowel. But I am learning everyday to get moving and working on how I can change a recipe to make it ok for me. 

3 years ago  ::  Nov 05, 2011 - 2:18PM #12
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I have always had anxiety at bedtime. I have always been afraid of having a low blood sugar at night. I am i great health, have good blood sugars during the day, but at night i let them go higher to feel more comfortable. It is a constant struggle and i hope for the strength to get back on track at night. Good luck to all of us!!!:0)

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