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    My Diabetes Story

    Hi! My name is Lisa. I am 41 years old and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in April of 2003. (However, a few months ago, it was amended to type 1.5., more on that later) At that time, I knew nothing about diabetes. It was discovered in a routine doctor's visit when I was feeling run down. We had no risk factors at all in our family. It took a few months for the shock to wear off and I then threw myself into absorbing all the info I could. Just when I thought I had mastered it, I was diagnosed with celiac disease in early 2004. I became so sick and weak and weighed under 90 pounds. It took almost a year to get back on my feet. Since then, I feel that living with diabetes and celiac is second nature.

    I have a wonderful support system. My family is my lifeline. They are always there for me whether it is to help with food shopping, cooking, or just listening to me gripe when I get frustrated. My mom and dad told me about dLife and they always keep their ears open for any helpful info. My sister is my best friend. My dogs give me exercise and stress relief. They are my angels on earth. The entire family is supportive including my 11 year old nephew who always asks at family parties "is that gluten free for Lisa". I have a good friend that runs a health food store and he is always watching out for new products and information.

    So this type 1.5 thing - autoimmune test came back positive. I still have not started insulin and have good control, although I have been experiencing highs and lows like I hadn't before.

    Sometimes I wish I could get up in the morning and have a "normal" day, instead of having to pack a bag full of food wherever I go, or explain "my issues" to a new friend. I noticed someone else wrote it's like groundhog day!

    I enjoy reading other peoples' stories and hope to make some new friends. Thanks for reading my story. I wish everyone well!

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