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      many life challenges
      I have been on this website before, however that was awhile ago. Losts of...
      18 hours ago
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      Being a diabetic is really frustrating. And being with others that do not understand are not any easier. You should let someone in your Human Resource department, at work, know about your diabetes. If you have a low episode, someone should know how to take care of you if you can't. When I did this myself, it allowed my co-workers to know why I was having some of the issue that go with diabetes (irritable, low blood sugar, etc). It really helped.
      Also try to get enough rest. When I don't...

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      April 4, 2014 10:48 PM CDT
      Sorry to hear about all of the trials you are about to face. I have been diabetic type 2 since 2001. I just recently found out (because my legs and feet had swollen up like Popeye) that I am headed towards severe kidney damage which has left me with only 20% usage of them, and that my once ok heart is now also bad and that I will be getting a defibrillator inserted to keep it running. I have to be on these meds for at least 3 months before my insurance will pay for it. This is only the 3rd week....

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      July 22, 2014 12:10 AM CDT
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      New to dLife.
      OK, I've been type 2 since 2001. I thought I was doing ok until a couple of...
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