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  • Just back from a week's vacation and wanted to wish everyone the best belated Christmas and Hanukah wishes and a sincere wish for the happiest and healthiest of New Year's! Took a 'diabetes' vacation during my week away which meant a ... more
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  • Wanted to wish everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving...And good luck in dealing with the pumpkin pies! I'm a chocolate pecan person myself and I'm already envisioning the piece that I'm going to bank my carbs for tomorrow! Best wishes, I
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  • Yesterday's endo appointment lacked the usual drama of waiting for the A1C, since it somehow got sent to our house a few days before. The good news, however, was that it was 5.7. I've pretty much cut out all white flour products at this ... more
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  • Ah, diabetes. If it's not one thing, it's another. With the East Coast slowly emerging from the killer heat wave of the past week, I've been in the grip of a series of low blood sugars, which didn't make much sense until I realized ... more
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  •   Hi all -- Ever get a low you can't explain? Read my new column on my last mystery low: Best, I.
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  • One way I keep my blood sugars in check is by dog walking – or, to put it more precisely, praying that my dog will stop researching any and all incoming data long enough to actually take a walk. Dog walking, or at least ... more
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  • It’s funny what you get used to. Down for a writer’s week away from family and (more importantly) dog responsibilities with a newish friend, I am suddenly struck by how much of my life has been ritualized by my type 2 ... more
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  • Here’s the dirty little secret about type 2 diabetes – it’s bad enough dealing with one chronic disease, but for many of us – including myself – we really deal with two. Depression, which sometimes seems ... more
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  • My latest column on dlife on how trial and error is needed to find the right exercise plan for your diabetes
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  • Just returned from the endo and have to brag -- 5.8 A1C! Boo-yah! I have to admit that I really cut into the carb count these past three months, and have kept up my exercising, but there is nothing like having the doctor rule that you ... more
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  • When I finally dug my car out of the fifteen inches of snow that dropped on us this week, I decided to take a well-deserved 'snow-day' and met up with a good friend to do lunch, a movie and a dinner with our husbands. I also decided -- ... more
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  •'s another. Recently, I've been spending time with my 90 year old mother in the hospital. She isn't diabetic, but under the stress of her condition, her sugar has rocketed to the 200's and she's getting insulin injections twice a ... more
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  • No one can be good all the time with type 2 diabetes, or at least that’s what I tell myself. The idea of being “good” or “bad” in itself presents a problem, since it puts a moral judgment on eating ... more
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  • Of all the activities that have helped me keep  my type 2 diabetes in control over the past twenty five (gulp) years, I’d have to credit exercise for keeping me most on track. It’s funny, because as a young person, ... more
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  • Happy holidays, everyone! With New Year creeping up on us in a few days, I thought I'd start a link where you could post your resolutions for the New Year. Maybe if we get them out there, the collective power of our wishes and wills can ... more
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  • look like the old ones. Still big, brown  and flecked with green. But the difference is mighty, thanks to a new operation that removed the diabetes influenced cataracts and implanted tiny lenses that gave me -- wait for it -- 20/20 ... more
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  • Hi everyone and happy December. In light of the holidays, I've just posted a new column in the Viewpoints section that contains some tips that have worked for me as I try to maintain my weight over the festive season. You can catch it ... more
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  • A new study out today shows that combining aerobic exercise plus weight resistance training leads to better glycemic control -- i.e. lower sugars. On the eve of Thanksgiving and temptations galore, I wondered if people have found that ... more
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  • Today's New York Times has a good article on cutting the cots of Type 2 Diabetes which might interest some of you: (You'll have to copy and paste the link). Joining a group for support is ... more
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  • Today's New York Times has a great article on reducing the costs of Type 2 diabetes care. at Everyone here will already know one tip -- that joining a group that helps support you can be a ... more
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