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  • I have been very busy and found a way to exercise that helps me get the most out of my day.  in case it helps anyone.  I used to think if I didnt have time to do a complete workout well I woudnt even think about working ... more
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  • I love planking.  you just hold yourself in one possition for as long as you can a few times a day.  its great for the core muscles and helps in every day activities.  
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  • It was pretty hard to get up out of bed an earlier than I have to in order to get my much needed exercise in.  but I kept thinking – exercise it not just a way to get into shape – the body will adopt to have active it ... more
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  • Hello all,  Sally I missed you.   best news I can think to start with is that with eating right and exercise I have gotten off insulin :).   Hip Hip Hooray... I hope you are all well and that dlife is working ... more
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  • Yesterday I got up to 11.9 miles in 50 minutes on level 7 and burned 347 calories.  I am starting to see my fasting blood sugars getting much better and hope to lower my Lantus very soon.  Today something strange happen while ... more
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  • So close yet still really good.  10.9 miles in 50 minutes.  I thought I had 11.  I still have 2 more tries to reach 11 miles at 80% (138bpm)before I either increase to level 7.  on todays ride I had to reach 16mph in ... more
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  • well I am doing really good but dont really find this place enjoyable anymore to talk about how I changed things around.  People will reply to me and tomorrow I will have to suffer trying to reply back to this point I have ... more
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  • This week was a very good week for exercise.  the chart below shows what I have done since Monday until Saturday.For the last 4 days it may looked like I planned on the miles or calories I wanted to stop but that is just the result ... more
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  • In my head phones as I started todays ride I heard “Oh no, oh noHere we go, here we go nowOh no, oh noHere we go now”and that is just how I felt knowing how hard I was about to push myself.I started this cardio week on ... more
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  • I am so happy with what I have been doing with exercise.When I restarted my exercise program on March 28th, 2012 I was only able to go 4.2 miles and burn 138 calories in 30 minutes on level 2. On April 28th I was able to go 8.8 miles ... more
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  • Yesterday I did not ride my stationary bike but I did take a walk that according to google is 5.2 miles.  Yesterday like today my legs feel very tired.  So tired that it is getting into the way of my wanting to do my ... more
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  • Hello all and thank you for the messages.  I have been riding my stationary bike since March 28th and that ride took me 4.2 Miles and burned 138 calories on level 2.  since then I have increase to level 3 and today I ... more
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  • While my blood sugar levels have been ok I have been eating way to much of everything (carbs, fats and protiens).  On top of that I have not yet restarted my exercise do very little walking.  I am getting so lazy that even ... more
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  • Not one of my best days for exercise. I felt great and was ready for a good work out but as soon as I started to ride my stationary bike I knew I wasn’t going to be breaking of my records.  I do have something bothering me ... more
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  • We sometimes forget about high blood pressure and how it can hurt us.  Even though my blood pressure was 120 over 80 I was put on a blood pressure med to help protect my kidneys.  My decision to cook without salt is simply to ... more
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  • Getting Faster and Stronger With Exercise. Sorry for the corny opening but I try to title each post in a way that it motivates people especially my fellow diabetics to exercise.  I took off from exercise yesterday and I think I ... more
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  • NO EXERCISE TODAY (SUNDAY) I think I am going to take a day off from exercise.  This has been a really good week for me.  I rode my bike 4 days and did a 5.2 mile walk 2 other days.  Tomorrow I advance to level 3 on my ... more
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  • I was not sure if I was going to be able to go further than my last ride of 6.2 miles and after the first 15 minutes I did not look like I was going to but I did.   That is one of the things about working out using the target ... more
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  • IT FEELS GREAT TO BE GETTING STRONGER. First a big thank you to all those that have been commenting on my blogs and giving me needed support.  I am really sorry that I have not commented back and just want you to know that I have ... more
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  • I LOVE EXERCISE AND WHAT IT DOES. Wow, I can’t tell you how good it feels to be doing exercise again.    My need for the quick acting insulin at meals is much less on days that I ride my bike or take my 5.2 mile ... more
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